Воздухоструйная просеивающая машина AS 200 jet

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  • Контроль качества цемента - от предварительного и аналитического измельчения образцов до элементного анализа

    Для производства высококачественного цемента необходимо знать минералогический и химический состав используемых сырьевых материалов, а также промежуточной и готовой продукции. На каждой стадии производства выполняется отбор проб для соответствующей обработки и анализа, что позволяет вести непрерывный контроль качества.
  • White Paper Sieve Analysis - Different methods for a variety of applications

    The determination and knowledge of the particle size distribution is an essential part of the quality control process for industrial products. From incoming and production control to research and development sieve analyses are used to determine a number of parameters or simply the particle size. Easy handling, low investment cost and high accuracy make sieve analysis one of the most frequently used procedures for measuring the particle size. This white paper gives an overview of the different sieving techniques and describes the necessary steps to ensure reliable results.
  • Particle size - a quality feature

    The determination of the particle size distribution of a product has always been of great significance in food production. Taste, color, solubility or extraction behavior are only a few examples of product properties which are directly influenced by particle size. Traditionally, analytical test sieving provides a quick and simple possibility to characterize the particle size of bulk goods. In the testing laboratory of the St. Petersburg branch of LLC Wrigley RETSCH sieve shakers AS 200 jet and AS 200 control are utilized for particle size analysis of fine powders which are used for chewing gum production.
  • Air Jet Sieving of Bulk Materials

    Particle size analysis and particle size distribution are important criteria for the quality  control of bulk materials. In a running production process, the results of a quality check must be available quickly to allow for immediate adjustment of the production parameters. Depending on the expected particle size and sample volume, different sieving methods and sieving machines are suitable for analysis. The method used for particle size analysis is primarily determined by the fineness of the material to be sieved. For dry sieving of samples with particle sizes below 40 microns, air jet sieving is the method of choice.

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