New Air Jet Sieving Machine
AS 200 jet

The new air jet sieve AS 200 jet is particularly suitable for low density materials with particle sizes in the lower micron range.

It is used with 203 mm (8’’) sieves of 10 microns mesh size or more. An industrial vacuum cleaner generates a jet of air which disperses the particles on the sieve through a slotted nozzle. The material which passes the sieve is transported to the vacuum cleaner or to a cyclone for recovery. The procedure is very gentle on the material, the average sieving time only takes 2-3 minutes. A special feature of the AS 200 jet is the Open Mesh Function which helps to greatly reduce the number of near-mesh particles. This provides optimum separation efficiency and also excellent reproducibility. Operation of the sieving machine is very simple. The Quick Start Mode allows to start the sieving process without previous programming.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Gentle sieving with short sieving times
  • Reproducible results due to Open Mesh Function
  • 1-button operation with graphics display and Quick Start Mode
  • Automatic vacuum regulation (option)
  • Suitable for 203 mm (8 ‘’) test sieves

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